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Can you name the Plants vs. Zombies Plants From Their Description?

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Almanac EntryPlant
'Aw man,' says ____. 'I went to the dentist the other day and he said I have four cavities. I've got - count it - ONE tooth, Four cavities in one tooth? How does this happen?
How can a single plant grow and shoot so many peas at once? ____ says, 'Hard work, commitment, and a healthy, well-balanced breakfast make it all possible'
____ can't resist bouncing to the beat. What beat is that? Why, the life-giving jazzy rhythym of Earth itself, thumping at a frequency only ____ can hear.
'People wonder how I feel about getting constantly chewed on by zombies,' ____ says, 'What they don't realize is that with my limited senses all I can feel is a kind of tingling, '
____ almost got a gig doing stunts for The Little Shop of Horrors, but it fell through when his agent demanded too much on the front end. ____'s not resentful though.
When ____ was five, he got a birthday cake. He made his wish, but was only able to extinguish 60% of the candles. Instead of giving up, though, he's used that early defeat as a cat
Almanac EntryPlant
'NNNGGGG!!!!!' ____ says. He's not going to explode, not this time. But soon. Oh, so soon. It's close. He knows it, he can feel it, his whole life's been leading up to this moment.
'Who's there?' whispers ____, voice barely audible. 'Go away. I don't want to see anybody. Unless it's the man from the circus.'
She's prickly, sure, but ____'s spikes belie a spongy heart filled with love and goodwill. Most folks can't hang with that, but ____ doesn't mind. She's been seeing an armadillo fo
____ never complains. ____ never wants to know what's going on. Put a plant on top of ____, he won't say a thing. Does he have startling opinions or shocking secrets? Nobody knows.
'I'm totally invisible,' ____ thinks to himself. 'I'll hide here and nobody will see me.' His friends tell him they can see him perfectly well, but he'll never listens.
'I'm a pot for planting. Yet I'm also a plant. HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET?'

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