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Who won the dodge ball tournament?
What Children fantasy does Brittany still believe in?
What video game does puck like
Why did Coach Sylvester make the Cheerios join the New Directions in Season 1?
When did Finn and Rachel first kiss?
What is finn's jersey number
who is kurt's idol
What is the first song the New Directions sing together?
Who is Rachel’s birth mother?
Why did Rachel and Finn break up in season two?
Who moves to L.A. after graduation to record an album?
How does Quinn end up in a wheelchair in Season 3?
Who does Mercedes have a crush on in the beginning of Season 1?
Who did sue marry
What song do the New Directions sing while helping Mr. Schue propose to Ms. Pillsbury?
Who adopts Puck and Quinn’s baby?
What was the name of McKinley High’s short-lived, all-boys glee club?
Why does Puck get sent to a juvenile detention center?
Why does Finn originally join the New Directions?

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