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Voldemort's Birthday
The floor Vernon Dursely works on
Prof. McGonagall accuses this person of creating shooting stars in Kent
The number of bones Harry had to regrow in his arm
Percy's middle name
Where the Dumbledores lived prior to moving to Godric's Hollow
The fault the Nimbus series of broomsticks has
Aragog's wife's name
The Fat Lady is found hiding here after being attacked by Sirius Black
The name of the site manager in charge of the Diggory's campsite
Rita Skeeter's photographer
The gamekeeper before Hagrid
The first player to score in the Quidditch World Cup
This reporter covered the story of Bungy, the water-skiing budgie
Malfoy Manor is located here
This lotion is used on scarring by Madam Pomfrey
Dumbledore's favourite jam
Holds the record for the most quaffle drops in one season
What came first: the phoenix or the flame?
Malfoy rode this broom prior to receiving his Nimbus 2001
The number of staircases in Hogwarts
The village where the Weasleys live
Name the two dragon species native to Great Britain
The number of possible fouls in a single Quidditch game
The number of OWLS Bill received
Ron and Harry ask this person for directions to the Slytherin Common Room
The number of people who sent Lockhart cards on Valentine's Day
Sirius Black's Gringotts bank vault
Before being disbanded, the Triwizard Tournament was played this often
The Owlery is located here at Hogwarts
Oliver Wood joins this Quidditch team after leaving Hogwarts
The first Thestral born in the Forbidden Forest
Stan Shunpike lives here (HINT: not the Knight Bus)
Fred and George's shop assistant
Where the first Golden Snitch was forged
Village where Dumbledore and Harry find Slughorn
Mr. Weasley stayed on this ward after being bit by Nagini
Weasley Wizard Wheezes is located here
Fleur's middle name
Death Eaters that attacked Harry, Ron and Hermione in the cafe on Tottenham Court Road
Tune Vernon Dursley sings while working
Nicholas Flamel's wife's name
D.J. Prod of Didsbury turned his wife into this animal
Shape of the brass knocker on Dumbledore's door
The recipe for Polyjuice Potion can be found in this book
Cares for Marge's dogs when she is away
Cornelius Fudge's drink of choice
Madam Hooch learned to fly on this broom
Nearly lost an eye trying to touch the trunk of the Whomping Willow
Head of the Goblin Liaison Office (two possible answers)
The Hogwarts caretaker before Filch
Beater on the Chudley Cannons
Visitor's code to the Ministry of Magic
Minister of Magic before Fudge
Cedric and Harry were tied for this many points heading into the 3rd task
This book makes the reader speak in limericks for the rest of their life
First rule to living with the Dursleys
Ron's favourite comic book
This teacher is a former duelling champion
Mans the security desk at the Ministry of Magic
Fleur's mother's name

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