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Forced Order
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' Hogwarts is threatened. May the boundaries protect us. Do your duty to our school.........I've always wanted to use that spell!'
' Not my daughter you bitch!'
' We're relying on you Griphook. If you can get us in and out of the vault, the sword is yours.'
' They know. They know she's an imposter. They've been warned.'
' That's your sister Ariana isn't it? She died very young didn't she?'
' You ok Freddie?'
' Ya, you and who's army?'
' That's my girlfriend you numpty!'
' Some of you may be wondering why I summoned you here. It's come to my attention, Harry Potter was sited in Hogsmeade.'
' Who said that?'
' Well there's Rowena Ravenclaw's lost diadem.'
' Snape knows! He knows Harry's been spotted in Hogsmeade
' That's not a job. It's a suicide mission.'
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' Harry Potter............they boy who lived..........come to die........................AVADA KEDAVRA!'
'The boy, is he dead?'
' I know what he's done. I know who he is. He defiled it with dark magic!'
' Ya, but Luna it's lost. For centuries now. There isn't a person alive whose seen it.'
' That's nothing to go on.'
' Where is it?'
' You've been so brave sweetheart.'
' Others will tell him what his mother and father died for. One day he'll understand.'
' Quicker than falling asleep.'
' Until the end.'
' I'm gonna tell mummy, you're a freak. You're a freak Lily.'

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