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Unlocks door
Shuts door
Shields agains Dementors
Shield Charm
Produces Jat of water out of the tip of a wand
The Killing Curse
Used to torture a victim
Places the victim in a dream-like state, caster able to controll them
Boggart banishing spell
Tickling Charm
Erases victims memory
Creates light
Counter charm to 'Lumos'
Keeps muggles away from area
Repairs glasses
Revives stunned person
Breaks object
Shrinks Target's head
Causes copies of an object to be remotely affected by changes made to the original
Creates shadow of spell last cast by wand
creates large, blood-oozing gashes on victim
Turns animal into water goblets
Cursed fire
Creates Fire
Leave fiery marks.
Victim covered in big boils
Creates duplicate of object
Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten and form a ramp, slide, or chute
Render a text illegible
Cleaning Charm
Levitate's object
Produce a snake
Creates victim to vomit slugs
Cushion Charm
Causes victims to dance uncontrollably
Counter curse to Sectumsempra
Causes small explosion
Glue the victims shoes to the ground
Glues subjects tongue to roof of mouth
Allows caster to read Victims mind
Hangs victim upside down
Creates inanimate shields of armour to protect Hogwarts
Used to move dead bodies
Cinjurs the dark mark
Disarm opponent

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