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What does Ron receive from Dumbledore's will
How do Ron, Harry, and hermoine escape the room of requirement when it is set on fire
Who was Ron when they broke into the ministry of magic
Where does Harry think he is when he 'dies' (not really)
Who does Harry Marry
Which elf died
Which house goes to the dungeons in the battle of hogwarts
True or false: mad eye moody dies
Who has the patronus of a doe
Once Harry's wand broke who's wand did he own in the end
What is it when you can split your heart into pieces
Who is lupin's son's god father
What horcrux is hidden inside the room of requirement
What room does snape get killed in
When Harry Ron and hermoine are going to hogwarts, who comes through the tunnel
How many horcruxes does voldemort have
Where were Harry's parents beried
Before harry Ron and hermoine had the locket who in the ministry of magic had it
What is inside the snitch when Harry opens it
Who is hermoine dressed as when she breaks into gringotts

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