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Can you name the Warcraft 3 Characters and Places (story)?

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Spoiled Prince who fights on frontlines, returns to reclaim his throneHuman/Undead
Head strategist who plans the Horde's battle tacticsOrc
Looked for Frostmourne, taught Arthas how to fight as a childDwarf
broke Keal out of prisonNaga
Arthas got sick of her crap, Ranger General of SilvermoonElf/ Undead
Hotheded Horde General who drank the blood of a demonOrc
commander of Lordaron renemant battalions, highly racistHuman
lives in the shadow of his father, horde generalOrc
Master of Magic over JainaHuman
Head General of Lordaron, legendary paladinHuman
beetle who continues to fight on Arthas's frontlinesUndead
most legendary warcheif of all timeOrc
old Tauren who complains about his bones hurtingTauren
woman who leads her own forces on TheramoreHuman
Giant bear
scout who died in the wildsOrc
king of the dwarvesDwarf
last of the mok nathal, champion of the horde
commands the fleet that attacks the Horde
King who gets killed by his own son
destoryed after the first war, famous for the old knights
dead, but somehow still died in Northrend
Freezing cold
like all of them talks like bob marley, accompanies RexxarTroll
holy crap it has nobility in its nameCountry
master warden, keeps hold over only one prisoner for all time
cavalry general of the horde
woods, barrens, caves, and demons, what more could one ask forCountry
met Arthas upon his return to LordaronUndead
Sentinel General, loved one of the elven kingElf
i guess when this thing gets the life sucked out of it it's bad, but seeing that wisp bomb was coolPlace
Warcheif who died in the woods during the second war.Orc
cavalry captain for the elves with Maiev, dies when a cave collapsesElf
leader of his own rebel forces, faces against Arthas many times, first letter is lowercase in this quizElf
Becomes Arthas's best friend, the 'damn ghost'Human/ Undead
old warcheif of the horde before Thrall, 'For ..........'Orc
master and king of all elvesElf
elven Archer who gets her own death later in the storyElf
wierd dude, you only hear his voice, someone eats his skull at one pointDemon
whinny pain in the butt who follows around and serves as a commander under illidanElf
giant demon dude, red skin, wants the Lich king deadDemon
city that Arthas first gets sent toPlace
demon who gets blown the ---- upDemon
prophet who goes into raven formHuman/ Undead
went looking for Sargaras, died of fatal woundsOrc
Arthas and Jaina confronted Kel Thuzad herePlace
Named after Thrall's fatherPlace
Outland demon master who illidan seizes his fortDemon
created all elvesDemi God
created the orcsDemon
home of the elves that aid the kingdom of LordaronCountry

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