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Friend of Baker's father, ww1 vet, and happens to be your boss
killed by rifle cartridge to the head behind a farmhouse
is the only married man, irronically had his ring finger shot off
shot at a panzer tank with a handgun
dies after an argument, favors superman
got shot by an infamous sniper during Operation Market Garden
kills a sniper, and later becomes Sergeant
his four man fire team can really lay down some heat when needed, spent time in the French Legions
corporal over Franky, gets a mauser bullet to the chest
seems to have a nack for artillary
Colonel who seems to have a speech problem
kid is not even hold enough to drink
gets killed in a mortar shelling at Market Garden
they call him Mussolini in response to his heritage
bazooka man
machinegunner on the .30 cal
radioman for the squad

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