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Can you name the final bosses in each raid instance from World of Warcraft?

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RaidFinal bossExpansion
Upper Blackrock SpireClassic
Ruins of Ahn'QirajClassic
Onyxia's LairClassic
Molten CoreClassic
Blackwing LairClassic
Temple of Ahn'QirajClassic
KarazhanBurning Crusade
Zul'AmanBurning Crusade
Gruul's LairBurning Crusade
Magtheridon's LairBurning Crusade
Serpentshrine CavernBurning Crusade
The EyeBurning Crusade
Battle for Mount HyjalBurning Crusade
Black TempleBurning Crusade
Sunwell PlateauBurning Crusade
NaxxramasWrath of the Lich King
Eye of EternityWrath of the Lich King
Obsidian SanctumWrath of the Lich King
UlduarWrath of the Lich King
RaidFinal bossExpansion
Trial of the CrusaderWrath of the Lich King
Onyxia's LairWrath of the Lich King
Icecrown CitadelWrath of the Lich King
Ruby SanctumWrath of the Lich King
Bastion of TwilightCataclysm
Throne of the Four WindsCataclysm
Blackwing DescentCataclysm
Dragon SoulCataclysm
Mogu'shan VaultsMists of Pandaria
Heart of FearMists of Pandaria
Terrace of Endless SpringMists of Pandaria
Throne of ThunderMists of Pandaria
Siege of OrgrimmarMists of Pandaria
HighmaulWarlords of Draenor
Blackrock FoundryWarlords of Draenor
Hellfire CitadelWarlords of Draenor
Emerald NightmareLegion
Trial of ValorLegion
Tomb of SargerasLegion

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