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For the lovely Mrs. Tam. If it weren't for her, this game would have never existed. For numbers: 1-3 in word form

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What are electrodes usually made of?
Organic chemistry: the reducing agent gives or takes oxygen from another substance?
This type of ion does gain or lose electrons during the reaction
What causes hydrolytic rancidity?
True or false: Voltaic cells require batteries.
In an electrolytic cell, the cathode is positive or negative?
What does the reducing agent do?
What is a standard hydrogen electrode made out of?
Is oxidation the loss or gain of electrons?
What is an anode? (form electrode of ...)
The standard temperature (in Celsius) for electrode potentials?
How many free electrons does oxygen have?
What do catalysts do?
In a voltaic cell, does reduction take place at the cathode or the anode?
Is this quiz evil
This type of rancidity is catalyzed by light:
What is a reversible oxidation reaction?
How many types of rancidity are there?
What is the unit associated with charge?
How many free electrons does a transition metal have?
What does a voltaic cell salt bridge do?
Oxidation involves and increase or decrease in oxidation state?
Can oxidation be a reversible reaction?
What does a inert electrode do?
How many free electrons does chlorine have?
Is reduction the loss or gain of electrons?
What does the oxidizing agent do?
What occurs in a disproportionation reaction?
True or false: an electrolytic cell is separated into half-cells.
Natural oxidants include many?
How many free electrons does hydrogen have?
Working electrode: Reference electrode: auxiliary electrode make up what?
What do antioxidants do?
Which element can have a different oxidation number?
Rancidity is the oxidation of what compound?
What unit is associated with electrical potential?

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