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Quasimodo campaigns against the traditional language of the Emerald Isle.
Marc Chagall's painting is updated to meet the demands of 'Y.M.C.A.'-loving art fans.
Tom Hanks walks on a seemingly endless path to a sinful destination in this remake of a 2002 movie. The Beatles' final number one single acts as a fitting soundtrack.
A Macedonian general disguises himself as the mysterious being Linus awaits every Halloween.
The band that wrote 'American Woman' pins a crime on a cartoon animal voiced by Charles Fleischer.
In dire financial straits, Danny Tanner moves his family to a home constructed entirely from recycled candles.
A deadly virus carried by mosquitoes, believed to have originated at a world famous rapper's Cairo, Egypt, concert.
A 1999 animated box office failure is remade with a Chinese mammal replacing a robot as the main character.
ABC's poorly-received spin-off in which celebrities are judged on their ability to dance the foxtrot with an American flag.
A cold-blooded killer hunts down each member of the band that released 'Down Under' in this Coen Brothers film.
Michael Jordan and teammates stroll through the city as Rage Against the Machine echoes through the streets.
An inside look at the inquisitive nature of America's most fascinating World War II general.
An undefeated boxing superstar works to raise breast cancer awareness after first receiving the blessing of a legendary psychedelic rock band.
Aladdin and Jasmine's attempt to get in on the success of large-scale Texas Hold 'Em tournaments.
In this sequel to a critically panned movie, Nicolas Cage is rescued from a sacrificial ceremony by none other than the Man of Steel.

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