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Ted's last name
The cartoon character Ted and Marshall choose to spice up the morning news with Sandy Rivers when he reads the newspaper
Finish the line from Robin Sparkle’s Let’s Go to the Mall: “There’s this boy I like, I met him at the food court and he’s got hair like…..”
The ingredients of the Slutty Pumpkin’s drink
The number Barney most often uses when making up statistics
The architecture firm that Ted loses out to on two occasions
The woman that Barney wants to make his 200th
Lily and Marshall’s code word that they use when they want to leave and have sex
The fake name Victoria uses when she first meets Ted
The celebrity that they think they meet on New Year’s Eve in Season 2
When Barney first tells the story of how he lost his virginity he steals the scene from this movie
According to the metaphor, if you’ve only been in the lobby of the Empire State building you have not actually had...
Ted lost his virginity to this girl
To cover up Marshall’s hair at his wedding, they thing of this object to use before hat
The line on the Hot-Crazy Scale is called
A bro must always say...
Dowisetrepla stands for
The area on Marshall's body that is Lily's weakness
The only song that plays in the Fiaro
Barney was dressed as this when he received his second slap of the Slap Bet
The kicker that missed the field goal for the Vikings in the 1999 NFC championship game (Damn!)
The name of the game that the men in Marshall’s family play
The name of the game that Marshall creates on game night
The reason they used the intervention banner for Lily
Japanese for 'empty orchestra'
The object that mysteriously shows up on Ted's nightstand the night he slept with Trudy
The object Lily uses to sabotage Ted and Karen's relationship
Barney's company is most famous for producing
The success rate of the Naked Man
Lily was arrested for this in Minnesota

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