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Can you name the various things relate to the word 'Metal'?

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Fictional metal assosciated with Wolverine
Robot-duplicate of Sonic the Hedgehog
A lot of this element is stored in Fort Knox
NFL Football team on the AFC
An element, planet, and a brand of car
Actinide named after a planet
Element associated with the Earth's core, or for 'pumping'
This element is related to Silver and has a mass of 195
This element was named after an ancient Greek King
Marvel Comics superhero
Thing often used to kill monsters like Werewolves
Band famous for songs like 'Cyanide' and 'Enter Sandman'
Wizard of Oz character
A famous band or a torture device
An element, or a unit of currency
This element's original name was 'Argentum'
This poisonous element's original name was 'Plumbum'
Element often used in wires and other things
An element often used in foils and other things
Genre of music that gained popularity in the early 2000s

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