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What is the name of your character?
Name the first human that fell
Asgores wife is.......
Ariel Dreemur stands for
Do you remember his name?
First weapon you have
First piece of armour you have
What does it say on papyruses second outfit
How many humans fell down before you?
Asgores favourite tea is:
Only character in the game without a soul is:
Who is the man that speaks in hands?
Would you smooch a ghost?
Alphyses favourite anime is.....
A monster without arms
Who stole the ancient artifact?
What mettaton form can you only see in the genocide route?
In genocide route Mad Dummy becomes......
What is so great about mettaton?
Who was Sans talking to trough the huge door in snowdin?
What are the creatures and in the true lab called?
Your heart is blue when you fight.....
Your heart is green when you fight.....
Your heart is purple when you fight......
Your heart is yellow when you fight......
If you spare Sans you......
Undynes weapon is a.....
When you fight Asgore in the neutral route,one option is gone. That option is...
You called for help.
Which color is your soul?

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