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Forced Order
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How many Infinity Stones are there?Easy
What is the name of Tony Stark's father?
How would Groot answer a quetion?
What is Hawkeye's weapon of choice?
What is Peter Parker's aunt's name?
Complete the quote: 'I love you _____'
The Tesseract is the ______ stone.
Which team is Black Panther on in Captain America: Civil War?
What colour skin do the Sovereign have?
What do the Avengers eat after the Battle of New York?
What is the first song that we see Peter Quill dancing to in Guardians of the Galaxy?Medium
What is Tony Stark's daughter called?
What colour blood do Skrulls have?
Which of Peggy Carter's relatives does Steve Rogers meet?
What is Thor's mother's name?
Where are Wanda and Vision at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War?
What planet did Thanos get the Soul stone from?
Which eye does Thor lose?
Which of the following cities does Peter Parker not visit in Spiderman: Far From Home? A) Prague B) Paris C) London D) Venice
In which movie does Black Widow first appear?
Where are the Frost Giants from?Hard
What does S.H.I.E.L.D stand for?
Where did Killmonger grow up?
Who founded S.H.I.E.L.D?
How tall does Ant-Man get in Captain America: Civil War?
What species is Groot?
What school does Tony Stark speak at in Captain America: Civil War?
What is the name of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream named after the Hulk?
How long was Captain America frozen in the ice for?
What is Pepper Potts' first name?

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