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QUIZ: Can you name the Noel Fielding

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Noel Fielding's date of birth
Noel's current girlfriend
Noel's brothers name
Noel's mothers name
Noel's fathers name
What music quiz tv program is Noel currently on?
Where was Noel born?
What program did he play Vince in?
What program did he play Richmond in?
How old was Noel on his birthday this year (2013)
What Channel is Noel's tv program luxury comedy on?
What band was his ex girlfriend (Dee Plume) in?
What program did Noel appear in 1998?
How many times including this years (2013) has Noel been on big fat quiz of the year?
What is Noel's book called?
Where does Noel currently live? (2013)
Where did Noel wear his drop dead onesie on tv?
Where was Noel's first art exhibition?
What year did Noel receive his honorary masters degree alongside Dave Brown?
What year did Noel win the sexiest man award?

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