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Can you name the the only president who matches the following achievements? ?

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Forced Order
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He only wore suits that he, himself, had made.
He served as a hangman in his capacity as sheriff.
He took office in a year ending in '0'
He fought rumors that he was born in Canada.
He was sworn in by a woman.
He was a prisoner of war.
He was defeated for re-election by his own vice president.
He won the Nobel Peace Prize after leaving office.
His daughter married Jefferson Davis.
He married a foreigner
He won a Pulitzer Prize.
He visited a synagouge with his entire cabinet.
He did not speak English as his first language.
He served on the Supreme Court.
He served in two different cabinet posts.
He won a Rhodes scholarship.
He served as Speaker of the House
He received a pardon from another president.
He was sworn into office by his father.
He earned a black belt in jujitsu
He was wounded in battle in the Civil War.
He was born during the month of June
He was elected to office in the Confederate's Congress
He never resided in the White House.
He served as a lay minister
He earned an M.B.A. degree
He had two sitting vice-presidents die during his administration.
He was a newspaper publisher earlier in life.
He served in both world wars.
He had three different vice-presidents.
He had siblings who were twins.
His surname begins and ends with a vowel.
He never appeared on 'Time' magazine as president, while it was in print.
He affirmed, rather than swore, his oath of office.
He was once the head of a union
He had an initial as a middle name.
He presided over 6 states entering the union.
He died of cancer.
He was the only president with a Ph.D.
He never married.
He, as a young man, earned money as a model
He studied to become a doctor.
He received a patent for an invention

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