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All Bros shall dub one of their Bros his what?
What color may a Bro never wear?
What is article 69?
How many Bros may a Bro bring to a party?
What language must a Bro never speak?
What must the height of a Bros full grown dog be?
How must a bro never dance?
A Bro may never question a Bros score. What can he, however, do?
What may a Bro never grow?
How many times must a Bro flush?
When asked if a Bro needs help, what must a Bro always answer?
What does a bro never wear to a stripclub?
A Bro loves his country, unless that country isn't ......?
Where must a Bro never punch another Bro?
When must Bros never make eye contact?
What does a Bro never rent?
Who does a Bro never have sex with?
What do Bros pretend to enjoy?
Within how many minutes of a first date may a Bro walk away?
If a guy gets punched in the groin, what will a Bro never do?

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