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Can you name the 19 North American owl speces?

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HintName of Owl
This small owl's name refers to its geographical location; it is found in very few areas below the Canadian border.
This tiny, highly-migratory owl gets its name from its call, a series of single toots repeated over and over.
The smallest owl in the world, this species breeds in the deserts of the southwest and often nests in saguaro cacti.
Populations of this large owl, named for the pattern of plumage on its breast and belly, are rapidly declining, especially in the Pacific Northwest.
HintName of Owl
Comprised of three species, these tiny 'horned' owls are named for a vocalization that they rarely make; their more typical calls are quavering whistles.
Named for the elongated feathers on its head, this widespread owl vocalizes with both a single hoot and a catlike scream.
This small, largely diurnal owl lives in underground colonies.
Frequently found nesting in abandoned man-made structures, especially in overgrown farmland, this medium-sized, ghostly pale owl is the only member of its entire family in the U.S.
HintName of Owl
This is the largest owl in North America but only the third heaviest. Most of its size is due to its thick feathers, especially its huge facial disc.
An owl of montane pine-oak forests in the Western U.S., this species is the only small owl in North America with dark eyes.
Comprised of two species, these very small owls have long tails and dark spots on the backs of their heads that are meant to look like eyes.
The heaviest owl in North America, this is also the only owl that has predominately white plumage.
HintName of Owl
Most common in the Southeast, this large owl prefers wet forests and swamps, and is probably best known for its call which sounds like, 'Who cooks for you, who cooks for you-all?'
More like a hawk than an owl, this is the least nocturnal owl in the U.S., and the only member of its genus, Surnia.
One of the only owls to hunt almost entirely on the wing (and often during the day), the features this owl gets its name from are usually hard to see at all.
The most widespread and powerful North American owl, this owl will eat almost anything, ranging in size from insects to Great Blue Herons.
HintName of Owl

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