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Trucker-speak for sheriff or deputyCM
Children's rhyming singalong; 1964 songNG
Emigration of scientists/technologistsBD
High quality reproduction (stereos)HF
American counterculture slogan;1960/70'sFP
1989 American comedy filmDT
Films dealing mainly with love and romanceCF
Peanut-shaped sandwich cookieNB
Wealthy person or Chip 'n Dale characterFC
Old fashioned, fussy person; B-17 BomberFD
Person of importanceBW
Wisconsin Candy CompanyJB
Spring festival; emergency code wordM
Thoughtless, giddy behavior; pompousHT
Inverted, vertical position supporting bodyH
Microsoft TrueType font (symbols+ letters)WD
20th c. competition betw. US and USSRSR
Bakery collection of goodies (cookies)ST
1950's family member; brother of WallyBC
Kipling poem or a bear's nameFW
Spicy meat snack or car lockout toolSJ
Paul McCartney song (The Beatles)HS
Magician's term or Three Stooges shortHP
Confusing/colorful action or displayRD
Non-alcoholic drink, usually lagersNB
Youngster living apart from human contactWC
Large social event and concertSF
International convience's store chainSE
Louisiana religious practice (spirit/ancestorV
Decisions concerning cardiovascular healthHS
Portable, hand-held, 2-way radioWT
Horror film or Louis Armstrong songJC
USN construction workerS
Traditional P.O. letter deliverySM
Very small person or thingPW
2005 American superhero family filmSH
Japanese suicide ritual (seppuku)HK
Madonna album or L.A. Dodger fanTB
Sum of eighty (eg. Gettysburg Address)FS
1940's style of clothingZS
Stolen cars location or businessCS
China administration region (once British)HK
Motor vehicles minor damage collisionFB
Candy made by Nestle and Willy WonkaLT
Essential/basic; Dirt Band nameNG
H-4 Hercules or Howard Hughes aircraftSG
Mobile catering, work place, food truckRC
Express approval or agreementOD
Delicious/convenient freeze-dried snackFM
British newspaper home; underground riverFS

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