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nuclear areas within which an advanced and distinctive set of culture traits, ideas, and technologies develops and diffuses
specific customs of a culture
group of traits that define a culture
material objects necessary for meeting basic needs
traditionally practiced by a small, homogenous, rural group living in relative isolation from other groups
found in a large, heterogeneous society that shares certain habits despite differences in other personal characteristics.
Belief that certain types of people, who come from cultures that arose in certain physical environments, may be smarter/better/faster/stronger
Belief that people control their own destinies and deal with various environmental factors differently
Belief that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God and everyone should follow his teachings
Form of Christianity dominant in Eastern Europe and Russia
Form of Christianity prevalent in North America and has distinct denominations
Form of Christianity prominent in South America, Western Europe and North America
Belief that there is one god, Allah, and that Muhammad was Allah’s prophet
language in which all government business occurs
multilingual states
a bridge language
the global lingua franca today
major language family that English and Spanish originate from
major language family that Arabic originates from
major language family that Mandarin originates from
a collection of languages related through a common ancestral language
a collection of languages within a branch that share a common origin
a collection of languages related through a common ancestral language, within a family.
the greatest country in the world

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