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Can you name the Final Smashes of the characters that appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS?

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FighterFinal SmashDescription
BayonettaSummon a demon to instantly KO foes.
BowserTransform into (Final Smash), who doesn't flinch at all.
Bowser Jr.Foes in the Painted X will take damage and be launched.
Captain FalconIntroduce nearby foes to the (Final Smash).
CharizardEvolve into Mega Charizard X. Press the B button to breathe fire.
CloudLaunch foes into the air, and slash them repeatedly.
CorrinTransform into a dragon and blast foes with water.
Dark PitShoot a powerful beam that pierces opponents.
Diddy KongFly around in the air while shooting peanuts.
Donkey KongPress the A button in time with the music to attack foes.
Dr. MarioUnleash giant megavitamins that spread vertically.
Duck HuntSend foes to take part in a Western shoot-out.
FalcoHop aboard a tank. Press the left control stick down to make it roll.
FoxHop aboard a tank. Press the left control stick down to make it roll.
GanondorfTurn into a giant beast and make foes flinch as you tackle them.
GreninjaFlip up an opponent, and repeatedly attack.
IkeLaunch foes into the air, and slash them repeatedly.
JigglypuffGrow so large that you push opponents away.
King DededeFoes pulled in are pummeled with hammer blows.
KirbyUse a giant sword to repeatedly hit foes.
LinkUse the triforce to seal and slash at foes.
Little MacTransform inot (Final Smash), improving your moves.
LucarioEvolve into Mega Lucario. Aura power rises to the max.
LucasChange the direction of the falling stars by moving the left stick left and right.
LucinaUnleash a full-powered attack to launch foes.
LuigiVacuum up opponents, and send them flying.
MarioUnleash a giant fireball that spreads vertically.
MarthUnleash a full-powered attack to launch foes.
Mega ManTeam up with Mega Man heroes for one big blast.
FighterFinal SmashDescription
Meta KnightDrag opponents into darkness and slash them.
MewtwoTransform into Mega Mewtwo Y, and hit foes with a psychic blast.
Mii BrawlerHit foes up with an uppercut and then with a rush of attacks.
Mii GunnerFire three beams, blasting anyone in front of you.
Mii SwordfighterSend multiple damaging shock waves at your foes.
Mr. Game & WatchTransform into an octopus, and extend your tentacles with the B button.
NessChange the direction of the falling stars by moving the left stick left and right.
OlimarTake to the sky as wild beasts attack your foes.
PAC-MANUse the left stick to move and eat opponents, launching them.
Palutenafire a laser after drawing in foes with a black hole.
PeachPut foes to sleep, and produce some giant peaches.
PikachuFly around and shock foes. Press the A/B button to surge.
PitUnleash the power of the (Final Smash).
R.O.B.Trap foes and blast them with a powerful beam.
RobinFight alongside Chrom, unleashing multiple blows together.
Rosalina & LumaShoot out stars that burst at the end.
RoyHit foes with a devastating blow from your sword.
RyuUnleash some classic moves from the Street Fighter series.
SamusFire an enormous laser. Control the angle with the left stick.
SheikShoot an arrow of light that annihilates opponents.
ShulkSend foes flying from repeated attacks from Shulk and friends.
SonicMove at super-high speed, and deal damage on contact.
Toon LinkUse the Triforce to seal foes, and then slash at them.
VillagerTrap opponents in a house, and then launch them.
WarioEat garlic, and turn into a hero with strengthened attackes.
Wii Fit TrainerLaunch yoga-pose sillhouettes in front of you.
YoshiSprout wings, and spit big fireballs with the B button.
ZeldaShoot an arrow of light that annihilates opponents.
Zero Suit SamusJump into your gunship and shoot lasers at your opponents.

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