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CharacterActorFirst main cast season
Jack BauerDay 1
Teri BauerDay 1
Nina MyersDay 1
Kim BauerDay 1
David PalmerDay 1
Kate WarnerDay 2
George MasonDay 2
Sherry PalmerDay 2
Tony AlmeidaDay 2
Michelle DesslerDay 3
Chase EdmundsDay 3
Audrey Raines (later Boudreau)Day 4
Erin DriscollDay 4
Sarah GavinDay 4
Curtis ManningDay 4
James HellerDay 4
Chloe O'BrianDay 5
Charles LoganDay 5
Bill BuchananDay 5
Edgar StilesDay 5
Martha LoganDay 5
Wayne PalmerDay 6
Tom LennoxDay 6
Karen HayesDay 6
Morris O'BrianDay 6
Milo PressmanDay 6
Nadia YassirDay 6
Sandra PalmerDay 6
Allison TaylorRedemption
CharacterActorFirst main cast season
Ethan KaninRedemption
Henry TaylorRedemption
Renee WalkerDay 7
Larry MossDay 7
Sean HillingerDay 7
Janis GoldDay 7
Omar HassanDay 8
Brian HastingsDay 8
Dana WalshDay 8
Rob WeissDay 8
Arlo GlassDay 8
Cole OrtizDay 8
Kate MorganDay 9
Mark BoudreauDay 9
Erik RitterDay 9
Jordan ReedDay 9
Adrian CrossDay 9
Steve NavarroDay 9
Eric CarterLegacy
Rebecca IngramLegacy
Nicole CarterLegacy
Keith MullinsLegacy
Isaac CarterLegacy
Andy ShalowitzLegacy
Mariana StilesLegacy
Ben GrimesLegacy
Nilaa MizraniLegacy
Henry DonovanLegacy
John DonovanLegacy

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