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You should cut your hair when the moon is...
What should you put in the pocket of new clothes
How many leaves make clover lucky
Turning this lucky item upside down causes the luck to run out
What may a slow boiling kettle contain
What should you say on the first day of the month before uttering any other word
Which bird is it unlucky to see only one of
What will a white tablecloth left on the table mean for the future
What shouldn't you open in doors
If you spill salt what must you throw a pinch over to counteract the bad luck
Bread will not rise if there is what in the vicinity
Where should you not put new shoes
Crossed cutlery signals what
What should a child ride on the back of to prevent a whooping cough
It is bad luck if you see this nocturnal animal flying
What will happen if the ravens leave the Tower of London
What must be done with a caught sparrow
It is unlucky to own the feather of this bird
Which tree will protect a house from witches
It is bad luck to pass on the stairs but if you stumble going up what will occur
It is good luck to be kissed by this man
If you carry a baby 3 times round the house it will protect it from what
If you stir food this way it will spoil

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