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QUIZ: Can you name the people, places, and things from Pushing Daisies?

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AWhat Lily and Vivian suffer from.
BThe sweet shop that opens across the street from the Pie Hole.
CNed and Chuck grew up here.
DLily and Vivian's synchronized swimming duo.
EKnitting detective.
FThe episode in which we meet Calista Cod.
GThe breed of dog Digby is.
HThe relation of Maurice and Ralston to Ned.
IThe name of Olive's macaroni and cheese restaurant.
JWhat Olive was before she became a waitress.
KThe final episode of the series.
LThe boarding school Ned attended.
MThe name of the janitor at the Pie Hole.
NWhere Lily went to have her baby.
OHow many minutes Ned can keep something alive-again before something else will die.
PThe county in which most of the show takes place.
QThe Legend of Merle Mc_______.
RThe taxidermist we meet in 'Frescorts.'
SDog trainer and romantic interest of Emerson.
TWhat Ned and Chuck can never do.
UThe life insurance company appearing in 'Corpsicle.'
VWhat Chuck claims the antidepressants she sneaks into her aunt's pies is.
WChuck and the aunts follow Pidge to the VonRoenn _____.
XHow many episodes there are (in Roman numerals).
Y'Our store is called the Pie Hole. As in shut ____.' - Olive
ZNed compares the police takedown of Hallie Hundin to a lion attacking a baby what?

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