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QUIZ: Can you name the Naruto characters?

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Jinchuriki of the Shukaku
Has multiple Sharingans on his right arm
Father of the girl in team 10
Only Wood style user left alive
The Yellow Flash of Konoha
Founder of the Akatsuki, the Uchiha clan and co-founder of Konoha
Sasuke's brother
Crystal Style user
Able to control the 3-tailed giant turtle
Smartest member of the Sound 4
Akatsuki's spy
Artist of Root
Creator of Chidori
Original Wood style user
Son of the 4th Hokage
Ultimate Genjutsu user and taught by Kurenai
Rival of Kaksashi
'The Handsome Devil of the Hiden Leaf'
Lazy member of team 10
Loves to eat
Has a cruch on Naruto
Student of Tsunade
'Pervy Sage'
'Legendary Sucker'
Mother of Gaara and Gaara's gourge
Gaara's older brother
Uncle of Gaara
Pain's Deva Path
Only female in the Akatsuki
Ultimate Puppet Master
'Jinchuriki without a tail'
Says 'Art is an Explosion'
Member of Akatsuki who loves money
Parasitic Insects user of team 8
Akamaru's owner
'Demon of the Hiden Mist'
Brother of the Raikage
'The White Snake'
Jinchuriki who uses bubble jutsus
Immortal member of the Akatsuki
Academy teacher of Naruto
Sensor of Taka
The person who taught Orochimaru the Immortality jutsu
Mizukage that has Lava and Boil style
Only person who can use the Reincarnation jutsu
Wants the Samehada
Prietess of the Land of Demons
Builder of 'The Great Naruto Bridge'
Original Curse Seal user
User of the Bone Gekkei Genkai in Sound 5

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