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Where do you find the five-fold ministry in the Bible?
What is the purpose of the five-fold ministry?
What is the end-purpose of the five-fold ministry?
Which office literally means; one sent?
Who is known as God's mouth piece?
Who should teach God's word?
Who is in charge of God's flock?
Who is the overseer of an assembly?
Who primarily preaches the gospel to the outside world?
Who helps the needy by giving food or money collected by the assembly??
How many apostles were chosen by Jesus Christ?
In acts 6:2-4, how many men were chosen to help aid the needy?
Why is the gift of leadership between the gifts of giving and mercy?
Who was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot as one of the 12?
In what book does apostle Paul states as being more important than the gift of tongues?
How many of the 12 apostles can you name?
Who is considered to be the 13th apostle?
Were any of the following; James, Joses, Andronicus, and Junia apostles? Yes or No

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