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Do you think you have what it takes to be a Shadowhunter?

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What is a shadowhunter?
Name a Mortal Instrument
What is home to all shadowhunters?
All shadowhunter names must be what?
Who was the first shadowhunter?
What is your mission as a shadowhunter?
What are the priest and healers called?
Who make the weapons of shadowhunters?
What is the most commonly used blade?
Who is a famous shadowhunter inventor?
What do shadowhunters used to mark themself?
What is a glowing stone called?
Do shadowhunters ever use firearms?
What is a bind between two shadowhunters called?
Can you name a demon?
What is the name of the club where mundanes an downworlders mingle?
What is another name for werewolves?
What are the night children?
Name a warlock
Who are the fair folk?
What is the name of the angel who made shadowhunter?
What do mundanes turn into if they get marked?
What are the marks of shadowhunters called?
When do you get your first mark?
Where are shadowhunters buried?
What is another name for Lake Lyn?
Who are the leaders of the shadowhunters?

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