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Can you name the Marvel Comics Remaining Mutants after M Day?

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Mutant Power(s)/ Threat LevelMutant
Can transform any material into different metals/Low
Lizard-like Powers/ Low
Flight via wings; other bird-like powers/ High
Superhuman Strength, can focus seismic energy through her hands/ Significant
Superhuman Speed; Flight/ Significant
Generates powerful vibrations from hands/ Severe
Superhuman strength, agility and durability; enhanced senses and healing factor/ Significant
Able to psionically alter memories/ Low
Able to increase size and bulk; strength and durability/ General
Able to absorb energy and rechannel it/ High
Able to mentally receive and store any electronic data/ Severe
Telepathy/ General
Bone marrow able to produce diamonds/ Low
Can alter reality/ Severe
Superhuman strength and endurance/ Low
Telepathy; telekinesis; vast psionic potential/ Severe
Able to psionically sense the presence of other mutants/ Significant
Able to generate and release thermochemical energy; protective blast field; flight/ Significant
Superhuman strength and durability/ General
Can take on the characteristics and abilities of an animal through exposure to their blood/ General
Teleportation/ Significant
Able to merge his unidentified number of bodies into a larger more powerful form/ High
Able to transform into organic steel/ Significant
Optic force blasts/ High
Superhuman strength, agility and durability; enhanced senses and healing factor/ High
Able to transmute sonic vibrations into light/ Superhuman strength, agility and durability; enhanced senses and healing factor/
Diamond-hard skin and hair/ General
Can generate probability-affecting psionic aura about herself/ High
Able to generate and store bio-electricity that can be released as disruptive blasts/ General
Can transform body into a living sandstorm/ General
Ability to heal by touch/ General
Able to detect and alter the emotional state of other beings/ Significant
Able to absorb energy and release it through left eye/ General
Unknown/ Significant
Telepathic and telekinetic abilities/ Severe
Projection of intense heat and flame; pyrokinesis; flight/ Severe
Able to generate heat and flight through microwave energy/ Significant
Extremely flat and malleable body that can reshape/ General
Can create any device imaginable/ High
Telepathy; able to transform body and hair into diamond form/ Severe
Can transform an objects potential energy into kinetic energy/ High
Can create teleportation gateways/ Significant
Highly flammable bio-paraffin body/ General
Able to absorb ambient cosmic energy and release it as plasma blasts/ High
Mutant Power(s)/ Threat LevelMutant
Telekinesis/ Significant
Can alter the submolecular structure of her body underneath her skin, which she can then shed/ General
Flight via wings; superhuman vocal cords; accelerated healing/ General
Telekinetic body armor/ General
Blue sking/ Low
Can rearrange metal, plastic and glass psionically into any form imaginable/ High
Telepathy; able to mentally broadcast 'psycho-chaff' to cloud the minds of others/ Significant
Numerous telekinetic abilities including flight, defensive screens and force blasts/ Significant
Psionic mind possession/ Significant
Can copy any sound heard/ General
Able to cast elaborate psionic illusions/ Significant
Can nullify the abilities of other mutants in close proximity/ Low
Can manifest any power that is necessary to save lives/ Significant
Nigh-indestructible exoskeleton; strength; razor-sharp claws/ Significant
Transforms to person with enhanced strength and durability through absorbing cosmic energy/ Severe
Can physically pass through solid matter; causing it to break down/ General
Prehensile hair/ Low
Enhanced strength and endurance; flight/ Significant
Able to assume fiery form; can control movement of tectonic plates/ Severe
Enhanced strength and durability; tough hide; expels corrosive acid from mouth/ General
Telepathic and telekinetic powers/ Severe
Morlocks/ Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Pyrokinesis/ Significant
Telepathy/ High
Shapeshifting; body made of non-toxic bio mercury/ Significant
Able to alter his size and density/ General
Able to alter the molecular structure of anything he touches/ Severe
Able to create identical duplicates of himself upon physical contact/ High
Shapeshifting/ Severe
Teleportation; Can adhere to solid surfaces/ Significant
Ability to stop time for everyone and everything except herself/ Significant
Able to physically merge her body with another's to control them/ Significant
Superhuman speed; flight; able to generate bursts of bright white light/ Significant
Secretion of lethal pheromones
Organic rock hide; superhuman strength and durability/ Significant
Superhuman strength and durability/ General
Telescopic, microscopic and x-ray vision; can fire beams of concussive force from eyes/ Low
Secretion of pheromones to make others susceptible to her verbal commands/ Secretion of lethal pheromones
Flight via butterfly-like wings; pixie dust which causes hallucinations/ Low
Able to refract most forms of energy directed at him/ General
Can transform into intangible state/ Severe
Telekinesis; can generate a telekinetic sword/ High
Able to produce and project spiked quills from his body/ Low
Omega-level telepath/ Severe
Mutant Power(s)/ Threat LevelMutant
Able to reshape protoplasmic body to alter physical properties/ Shadowca
High-level energy manipulation; creation of interdimensional portals/ High
Able to use music to warp reality/ General
Able to consciously or unconsciously manipulate reality/ Sever
Hyperactive agility; danger-sense/ General
Rock hide; ability to detach and reattach limbs to fire as projectiles; strength and durability/ General
Able to absorb memories and abilities through physical contact; flight/ Sever
Superhuman strength; flight; enhanced speed, agility, and durability/ High
Superhuman senses; healing factor/ Severe
Can control others' actions by asphyxiating them with his protoplasmic body/ High
Cyberpathic mind/ Severe
Regeneration/ High
Generates a disruptive energy that alters the functions of any system he touches/ High
Able to manipulate inanimate objects; telekinesis; able to drain the life force/ Severe
Enhanced strength, speed, agility, durability and healing/ High
Able to absorb kinetic and rechannel it into superhuman strength, speed and durability/ Severe
Able to alter the molecular density of his body/ Can render protoplasmic body amorphous to form a resin around
Can generate tachyon energy field/ High
Can create sonic effects with he vocal cords/ Can render protoplasmic body amorphous to form a resin around
Psychokinesis/ General
Can psionically generate, release and reabsorb plasma/ Can render protoplasmic body amorphous to form a resin around
nhanced strength, speed, agility, and reflexes/ Low
Can combine individual telepathic powers to form a gestalt supermind/ High
Can manipulate the weather/ Severe
Superhuman strength and endurance/ General
Able to absorb solar energy and metabolize it into physical strength, flight, and heat radiation/ High
Able to absorb electricity and rechannel it into speed and offensive bursts/ General
Can generate chronal fields to slow down time/ nhanced strength, speed, agility, durability and healing/ High
Able to convert ambient energy into superheated plasma; concussive force blasts; flight/ nhanced strength, speed, agility, durability and healing/ High
Superhuman strength; super leaping; super-prehensile tongue/ nhanced strength, speed, agility, durability and healing/ High
Astral projection/ Low
Transformation into a brown bear; superhuman strength/ General
Force field that can redirect and intensify electromagnetic and kinetic energy/ nhanced strength, speed, agility, durability and healing/ High
Can transform body into intangible mist; transportation/ High
Able to control the emotional states of others via pheromones/ General
Enhanced strength, speed, durability, reflexes and senses; flight/ Significant
Able to shapeshift after coming into contact with blood/ Significant
Superhuman speed, especially rotating/ Significant
Able to generate 'hot knives' or pure heat/ High
Ability to rapidly decay any organic matter through skin contact/ Significant
Permanent half-wolf form; enhanced speed, agility and senses/ General
Able to shape change into various lupine states; enhanced senses and speed/ Significant
Healing factor; enhanced senses/ Severe
Healing factor; enhanced senses/ Severe

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