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Can you name the The odd words of the poem 'Jabberwocky'?

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DefinitionWordsFirst Letter
A swift moving creature with snapping jaws, capable of extending its neck. B
Radiantly happy, cheerful.B
A thin shabby-looking bird with its feathers sticking out all round.B
Four o'clock in the afternoonB
Possibly a mixture of 'bleat', 'murmur', and 'warble' B
Combination of chuckle and snortC
Possibly a blend of fair, fabulous, and joyous.F
Combination of 'fuming' and 'furious'.F
Perhaps a blend of 'gallop' and a way of 'trotting' down'triumphant'.G
To make holes as does a gimlet.G
To scratch like a dog.G
Nonsense languageJ
A desperate bird that lives in perpetual passionJ
DefinitionWordsFirst Letter
Fearsome. M
Combination of 'miserable' and 'flimsy'.M
Possibly short for 'from home,' meaning that the raths had lost their wayM
Something between bellowing and whistling, with a kind of sneeze in the middleO
A sort of green pig.R
An onomatopoeia of unclear meaning, possibly referring to sharpness.S
Combination of 'slimy' and 'litheS
A combination of a badger, a lizard, and a corkscrew. They are very curious looking creatures which make their nests under sundials and eat only cheeseT
Thick, dense, darkT
A state of mind when the voice is gruffish, the manner roughish, and the temper huffish.U
'Deadly' or 'sharp' or 'verbal' and 'gospel'.V
The grass plot around a sundial.W

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