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Can you name the Playable Characters from X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse?

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Ability to Transform Body into Organic Metal, Strength
Control over the Weather
Creation and Control of Ice
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psychometry, Precognition (PSP Exclusive)
Amphibious Appearance, Secretion, Elongated Tongue
Dark form of Telekinesis and Telepathy (PSP Exclusive)
Strength, Agility, Animalistic Appearance (N-Gage Exclusive)
Teleportation Device, Healing Factor, Numerous Martial Art Skills (Unlockable)
Creation and Control of Nuclear Fire
Telepathy and Telekinesis, Firearms Expert, Cybernetics on left side (PSP Exclusive)
Jet Propulsion (PSP Exclusive)
Ability to Charge any Object with Kinetic Energy
Absorption of Life Force, Powers, and Energy through Skin Contact
Strength and Invulnerability granted by Cytorrak Gem
Retractable Adamantium Claws, Healing Factor
Ten Claws on Fingers, Healing Factor (PC Exclusive)
Uncontrollable Optic Blasts
Absorption and Redirection of All Energy
Control and Expansion, not Creation, of Fire (PC Exclusive)
Strong Telekinesis and Telepathy
Reality Warping, Hex Energy
Metal Suit Providing Super Strength, Different Energy Bolts and Flight (Unlockable)
Teleportation to Areas within Sight
Strong Telepathy (Unlockable)

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