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Can you name the Key Jedi from the Star Wars Movies and Expanded Universe?

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DescriptionJediLightsaber Color, Extra Hints
Female Human, Harsh and Maverick Jedi Master Known for obscure Force Powers Involving PlantsViolet, Intricate floral styling on Saber
Vurk Jedi Council Member, Killed By Jango Fett on GeonosisGreen
Togruta Jedi High Council Member, Survived Immediate Jedi PurgeBlue
Human Jedi Watchman near Kiffex, Fought on Saleucami during Clone WarsGreen
Jedi Master Turned Tusken WarlordRed
Female Jedi Master, Fought in Jedi Civil WarDouble-Bladed Yellow, Appears in KOTOR series
Ithorian (Hammerhead) Jedi General During Clone Wars, Killed by GrievousBlue, Part of Cartoon Network's Jedi Poll
Female Jedi Master and Minstrel, Known for possession of many instruments and Jedi ArtifactsUnknown
Kushiban Jedi Master, Spent Time at Jedi Praxeum, Killed by Peace BrigadeUnknown, Jedi bears resemblance of a Rabbit
Quermian Jedi High Council MemberBlue, Eliminated from Ep II so as not to be Confused w/ Kaminoans
Human Jedi Turned Sith who Wears a Mandalorian Mask Red
Correllian Pilot who became a Jedi Master, Rogue Squadron Flight LeaderGreen/ Blue/ Red
Female Human Jedi Knight of The Old Republic, Fought in Great Sith WarGreen
Secret Sith Apprentice at First, Used as Jedi Hunter, Eventually forms Rebel AllianceMultiple, Main Character in TFU series
Unknown Species, Kept in Captivity for More Than a Century, Killed Defending the Chosen OneOrange
Grandson of Chosen One, Named after Jedi Master who Lived during Clone WarsBlue
Cerean, 'Cone-Head' Jedi High Council Member, Killed on Mygeeto by Clone MarinesPurple, Blue
Red Haired Human, Emperor's Hand, Murdered by Darth CaedusRed, Purple, Blue
Zabrak Jedi High Council Member Presumed Dead after The Battle of Geonosis Green
Weequay Jedi Master turned Dark Jedi during the Clone WarsBlue, then Red
Krevaaki Jedi Master, Personal Message on Tedryn Holocron predicts the birth of the Solo twinsUnknown
Jedi Lord, Led Army of Light against Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of DarknessBlue
Neti Jedi Master, Part of New Jedi Order Council around 120 ABYGreen, Has Plant-Like Appearance
Zabrak Jedi Knight, Corrupted After Master's Death, Lives on FeluciaTwin Red Tonfa Short Style Sabers, Enemy in TFU series
Whiphid Jedi Master, Assumed Dead after Battle of Hypori, Survived and Joined New Jedi OrderGreen
Zabrak Jedi High Council Member During Clone Wars, Killed By PalpatineGreen
Fosh Jedi Enigma, Captured By Yuuzhan Vong before Clone WarsUnknown
'That crazy old Hermit', Jedi Council Member, Master of the Chosen OneBlue
Human, 'The Chosen One', Tatooine Slave to Sith LordBlue, then Red
Wookiee Jedi Council Member, Apprentice replaces him After DeathYellow
Telepathic Iktochi Jedi Ace, and High Council Member, Killed by SidiousGreen
Human, Killed Aboard Yuuzhan Vong Vessel Fighting Voxyn, Son Of Han SoloPurple
Female Co-Founder of the Jedi Covenant of The Old Republic, Half Human Half Miraluka Unknown, Appears in KOTOR Comic Series
DescriptionJediLightsaber Color, Extra Hints
Young Jedi Padawan, Saves Bail Organa from Death by 501st TroopsBlue
Jedi Swordsmaster during Clone Wars, Murdered by Darth VaderGreen, Parody of Stunt Choreographer Nick Gillard
Tchuukthai/ Wharl Reclusive Jedi Master, Lived during Great Sith WarNone, Jedi Possesses Dinosaur-Like Appearance
Rutian (Blue) Twi'lek involved in The Clone War, Killed on Felucia by Clone Commander BlyBlue (occasionally uses second green saber)
Disfigured Arkanian/Sephi Combination, Ancient Jedi Master, Trained both Qel-Droma BorthersGreen
Miraluka Member of the Jedi Covenant, Participated in Padawan Massacre of TarisGreen, Appears in KOTOR Comic Series
Easily Enraged Togruta Member of the Jedi Covenant, Participated in Padawan Massacre of TarisGreen, Appears in KOTOR Comic Series
Jedi Killed in Jedi Temple By Darth VaderTwin Green, Appears in Revenge of The Sith Video Game
Jedi Stranded on Rattatak, Trained force Sensitive child and Fought WarlordsGreen
Blind Human Female Jedi who can Wield Three Lightsabers With the ForceThree Purple Sabers
Nautolan Jedi High Council Member, Involved in Clone Wars Events on Mon Calamari and GeonosisGreen, Smiles after 'killing' C-3P0 Battle Droid
Respected, Ancient Krevaaki Jedi MasterUses Staff instead of Saber
Kiffar Jedi Knight Turned Dark Jedi during Clone WarsGreen, then Red, then Green
Blue Twi'lek Jedi Master Around the time of The Second Imperial WarBlue, Appears in Legacy Comic Series
Female Barabel New Jedi Order Master and Council MemberUnknown
Cathar Jedi Padawan During Jedi Civil War, Skilled in Force CloakBlue, Cat-Like Appearance, Appears in KOTOR Video Game
Jedi Turned Sith, Spirit Destroyed by New Jedi OrderDouble Bladed Blue
Female Descendant of the Sunriders, Spoke in Third PersonBlue, Jedi has an Old, Haggard Appearance
Jedi Turned Sith and Back to Jedi, One of the First New Jedi Order Members to Study at the Jedi PraxeumBlue/Purple
Feeorin Member of the Jedi Covenant, Participated in Padawan Massacre of TarisGreen, Appears in KOTOR Comic Series
Headstrong Human Female Jedi Master, Trained Ferus Olin, Died Protecting Padmé AmidalaViolet
Headstrong Togruta Apprentice of the Chosen One Green
Talz Jedi General During Clone Wars, Killed By GrievousBlue, Part of Cartoon Network's jedi Poll
Human Jedi High Council Member, Known for Tholoth Headdress, Killed by GrievousRed, then Blue
Descendant of The Chosen One, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and Jedi Apprentice, Also Sith Apprentice to Darth TalonBlue, Green, Red, Appears in Legacy Comic Series
Fallen Human Jedi, Leader of Bando Gora Cult, Killed by Jango FettTwin Curved Red Sabers
Kel Dor Jedi High Council Member, Killed above Cato Nemoidia during Clone WarsYellow, then Blue
Wookiee Jedi, Chewbacca's NephewBronze
Unknown Species, Two Foot Tall Grand Master of the Jedi OrderGreen
Zabrak Jedi Master during Sith-Imperial WarGreen, Appears in Legacy Comic Series
Ancient Draethos Jedi Master and Holocron KeeperGreen
Old Human Jedi Council Member and Jedi Librarian, Killed in the Raid on the Jedi TempleBlue
Jedi Knight of The Old Republic, Sith Lord, Native to Alderaan, Appears to Chosen One on Rhen VarGreen??
DescriptionJediLightsaber Color, Extra Hints
Tusken Jedi Knight Turned Extremely Powerful Sith LordTwo Green, then Red
Lannik Jedi Council Member, Has One Eye, Killed in Operation: KnightfallRed, then Green
Mirialan Jedi Master, Involved in Clone Wars Events on Geonosis, Ilum, and KashyyykGreen, Has Facial Tattoos
Chalactan (Near-Human) Jedi Council Member, Turns to Dark SideRed
Human Jedi High Council Member, Known for Tholoth Headdress, Killed by Clone Commander NeyoGreen
Mon Calamari Jedi Knight, Killed by Grievous on VassekBlue
Jedi Master who Arranged the Creation of A Grand Army of The RepublicUnknown
Jedi Master of Unknown, Two foot Tall Species, Head of Conclave on DantooineUnknown
Mentally Unstable Aleena Jedi Master, Killed on Raxus Prime amongst Scrap Metal Replica of Jedi CouncilBlue Saberstaff Design, Enemy in TFU series
Human, Pivotal Figure in Yuuzhan Vong War, Turns to Dark Side, Son of Han SoloGreen, then Red
Human, Sword of The Jedi, Daughter of Han SoloBlue, then Purple
Unknown Species, Jedi Apprentice turned Bounty Hunter, Collects Lightsabers from Jedi She KillsNumerous
Revered, Unconventional, Maverick Jedi Master, Killed by Darth MaulGreen
Jedi Master, The First to Really Fight The Empire using personal MilitiaGreen, Enemy/ Ally in TFU series
Mon Calamari Jedi Master, Proficient in Healing, Niece of Admiral AckbarOrange??
Khil Member of the Jedi Covenant, Participated in Padawan Massacre of TarisGreen, Appears in KOTOR Comic Series
Descendant of The Chosen One, Jedi Master, And Council Member around 120 ABYBlue, Appears in Legacy Comic Series
Daughter of the Chosen One, Possesses Latent Force Abilities Blue
Shistavanen, 'Wolfman' Jedi Master During Clone WarsGreen, Part of Cartoon Network's Jedi Poll
Heiress to Hapes Consortium, Lost arm while Building LightsaberGreen, Made from a Rancor Tooth
Thisspiasian Jedi High Council Member, Adept Strategist and Tactician, Know for Force ability MalaciaGreen
Jedi Knight Nicknamed Squint Turned Sith LordRed, Key Part of KOTOR Vid. Game and Comics
Imperial Stormtrooper turned Rebel Operative and JediGreen
Jedi Turned Sith after Death of Darth MaulGreen, Blue, then Red
Stern, Distrusting Master, Master SwordsmanBlue, Purple, 'This party's over'...
Female Jedi Knight Turned Sith Apprentice, 'Shaped' by Yuuzhan VongBlue
Mirialan Jedi Knight, Involved in Clone Wars Events on Geonosis, Ilum, FeluciaBlue, Has Facial Tattoos
Human, Tatooine Farmboy, Head of The New Jedi OrderBlue, then Green
Rattataki Force Sensitive, Trained as a Jedi, Turned into Sith Acolyte during Clone WarsBlue and Green, then Two Curved Red Linksabers
Witnessed Padawan Massacre of Taris, Friend of Marn Hierogryph and Jarael Yellow, Main Character in KOTOR Comic Series
Blue Twi'lek Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order, Trained under LumiyaBlue
Participated in Padawan Massacre of Taris, Human Financier Turned Jedi MasterBlue, Appears in KOTOR Comic Series

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