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Cerean Jedi Council Member
Fought in Battle of Hypori with this Whiphid Jedi Master
Served on Jedi Council in about 120 ABY with this Neti Jedi Master
Was the Lover of this Jedi Master
His First Apprentice
His Apprentice
Arrested this Bounty Hunter on Planet Devaron
Teamed up with this Duros Bounty Hunter
Hired by this Sith Lord to Kidnap Force-Sensitive Younglings
His Real Name
Senator from ______(Planet)______
14 year-old Queen of the Previous in Episode I
Her Husband
His Togruta Jedi Apprentice
Discovered on Shili by this Kel Dor Jedi Master
Killed Above _____(Planet)______
Was Home of this Trade Federation Viceroy
Hired this Bounty Hunter to Assassinate The Senator from Naboo
His Unaltered Clone 'Son'
Swallowed by a ______________ in the Great Pit of Carkoon
Was Considered a pet by this Crime Lord
His Slave Dancer Swallowed by the Rancor
Replaced by ___________
Her Adopted Father
Captured on Felucia by this Corrupted Zabrak Jedi Apprentice
Her Second Master
Replaced ______________ on the Jedi Council
Same Species as the Grand Master of The Jedi Order during Clone Wars
Trained this Kushiban Jedi Master
Trained this Human Male Jedi Knight
His Sister
Her Father
His Wookiee Companion
Co-Pilot of this Ship
Originally Owned By _______(Person)______
His Administrative Aide Connected to their City's Computer
His Gaseous Homeplanet
Home to Some of These Small, Pig-Like People
Enslaved on Gentes by
Dueled this Cerean Jedi Master on Hypori

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