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QuoteMissing wordCharacter
Never put off until ________ what can be done today.Sensei Wu
Why isn't the little ____ getting punished?!?Kai
Did I ever tell you I was the _____ to learn spin jitzu?Jay
Good Idea, ___ don't we?Nya
Please, no one talk about ____.Cole
The first fang _____ is ours!Pythor
I've been betrayed by the hypnobrai and the ________s.Lloyd
The _____ is yet to come.Lord Garmadon
You were in my _____ my little friend.Zane
I love _______!Pythor
______ don't belong is trees!Skales
______ my old chum! I didn't know I'd be fighting you!Fangtom
Episode 1 ____ of the snakes!Sensei Wu
I want more booby _____!Lloyd
If we ______ meet again Pythor!Lloyd
You get all that from those ______ pictures?Cole
*sigh* I was _____.Cole's Father
We are so ______!Jay
You shall ____ to see what you have done!Sensei Wu
You put too much _____ in me.Lord Garmadon
So the question _______, how are we gonna find it first?Nya
With his fist on ____.Zane
If my _______ serves me correct, I'd say one os us cheated when we last fought.Kai
You're a... _____?Zane
You are so _____!Jay
When I open this, a whole bunch of ______ are gonna pop out. No thank you.Cole
It's starting to get ________.Nya
_____ claw!Lloyd
Hello, _______. What took you so long?Lord Garmadon
Finally! The _____ ________ will be awakened!Pythor
QuoteMissing wordCharacter
We should've been the ones ruling the _______! NOT YOU!Pythor
This ____ now!Kai
Only I call him _____!Cole
I hit him ____!Lloyd
You've ________ it?! WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE?!?Kai
A razor sharp _____ is an extention to a razor sharp mind.Sensei Wu
They've __________ everyone in town!Nya
C'mon ____, just a quick visit, in and out that's all.Jay
I guess we'll have to fight for it, in- the __________!Skales
Tornado of _________?Zane
This is turning into a _____ with him!Kai
A little ______ don't you think?Pythor
Is this some sort of _______ tour?Tour guide
Why can't you teach us how to ________ your enemy with one finger?Jay
One, Two, ___ ___ _ ____!Lloyd
The _____ destined to defeat the dark lord.Zane
I've got an ____, but you guys gotta trust me.Jay
What happened? Snake bite your ______?Pythor
Oh, and I _________ my lesson book.Sensei Wu
Who's that b________ underground?Kai
I don't like _________, what are you trying to say?Cole
What, you too good for the ________?Cole's Father
I'll personally ___ to it myself.Skales
Pythor target confirmed. Time to pay, and ______!Samurai X
Those buck teeth can bite my ____ ___.Jay
____ sharpens iron.Sensei Wu
GET YOUR _____ OFF ME!!!!!!Pythor
My ____ potential!Jay
What he's trying to say is: You are like the _______, we cannot begin a day without you.Zane
Yes Mater! You are the ____! You've always been the ____! And you'll always be the ____!Lightning Mcqueen

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