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Can you guess the given letter's Pokemon by my RIDICULOUS hints? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z!

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AThis Pokemon is from Generation 1. It holds two spoons wherever it goes.
BA Generation 5 Pokemon, it's the middle evolution of Gigalith.
CIntroduced in Generation 3, it is the 'Scareccrow' Pokemon and is a Grass/Dark type. It looks like a cactus.
DBased on the extinct bird, the Dodo. It has already evolved.
EHave you fought Elesa? Then, this Electric/Flying type was a pain to battle.
FRemember in Generation 1, where you had to trade a Spearow for this bird? Man, good times.
GThis giant had a unique type combination, until Palossand came. It has already evolved.
HAegislash's first form. It's just one, lonely sword.
IHow do you pronounce this bug's name?! Whatever, it's Volbeat's counterpart.
JNikki Minaj. 'Nuff said.
KIt may be small, but this BEAST has an ULTRA-high attack stat! ...Get it?
LWhy did Gamefreak not decide to let you evolve into Alomomola? W H Y..?
MDo you remember this one? It's the other cactus Pokemon, from Generation 5!
NThis Pokemon is said to be the reminiscent of every Ultra Beast! It's also a really big Space Prism!
OReady for a dead meme? Lord Helix!
PPoor guy, it and its evolutions are banned from the anime! DANG YOU, PIKACHU!
QBut do you remember THIS one? Water/Poison type, looks like a Pufferfish, intoduced in Generation 2!
RIt possessed your Pokedex and calls you a 'naughty boy/girl'. ..What?
SYou don't F*CKLE, WITH -- Nah, here's a better hint, it's a Bug/Rock type, introduced in Generation 2.
TOne of the Island Guardians! This one's the Grass one.
UHidden Power is its only move. ONLY. MOVE.
VPokemon number 721, Fire/Water type. It's MYTHICAL (ooo)
WJessie has one of these! It always comes out of its Pokeball and screams out its name.
XThe original X-Pokemon! It's a Psychic/Flying type.
YIt evolves into Cofa... I don't think I'm allowed to say THAT word.
ZIt swarms you in caves. GET THE REPELS, QUICK

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