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Can you name the ABCs of Dead Man's Chest?

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AActor who portrays Pintel, Lee
BWill's father's nickname
CThe intervenor of Will and Elizabeth's wedding
DThe name of the chest containing Jones' heart
EWill's fiancée
FDavy Jone's ship
GJack's first mate, Joshamee
HPrefix for ships of the Royal Navy
IThe location of the Dead Man's Chest
JThe boatswain of the Flying Dutchman
KDavy Jone's 'terrible leviathan'
LCutler Beckett has become one
MActs as Beckett's assassin and spy
NActress who portrays Tia Dalma
OJack must stay away from ____ sea
PIsland of the cannibals
QStarfish-like member of the Flying Dutchman
R'Hide the ____'
SGiselle's companion
TActor who portrayed Cutler Beckett
UThe Dutchman can sail ____
VTia Dalma practices ____
WThe Dutchman member who is already 'part of the ship'

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