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Can you name the ABCs: Curse of the Black Pearl?

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AJack stole her boat
BWill Turner's profession
CPirate without a tongue
DPOTC is a franchise of
EThe company that branded Jack (abbr.)
FThe tavern that Jack and Will visit on Tortuga
GNorrington's lieutenant
HThe gods that cursed the Aztec gold
IThe island where the Aztec gold is found
JNewly appointed commodore
KActress who portrayed Elizabeth Swann
LWhere Elizabeth was born
MThe shortest pirate
NPort that Jack Sparrow sacked
OActor who portrayed Will Turner
PNickname for the Black Pearl
QAztec god in the form of a feathered serpent
RPirate with a missing eye
SWhat Will makes for Norrington
TPirate port
UWhat Barbossa and his crew are
VWhat the Royal Navy had at the battle at Isla de Muerta
WElizabeth's father's first name
XWhat marks the spot?
YThe song that Elizabeth teaches to Jack
ZActress who portrayed Anamaria

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