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Bruce Lee was born in the Chinese Hospital, China Town ______City He Was Born In
His family moved to ______ when he was just three months oldIsland State (was a country when he moved)
When he was a teenager he took up(Martial Arts Style) to defend himself
He also took _____ lessonsWhen he learned he was one of the few males in the class
At St Francis Xavier College, Lee won the High School ____ Championship(sport)
After many street fights and diciplanary problems at school, his family moved him back to (Country) in 1959
Lee attended The University of ______Majoring in Drama
Whilst at University, he met his future wife _____ EmeryEmery
They eventually had three ChildrenOldest
 Middle (eventually followed his father's footsteps into film)
In 1964 Lee was invited to attend the Long Beach International ____ Championships(Martial Arts Style)
Here he wowed crowds by doing two ___ pushups(what shouldn't you do pushups on)
and the infamous one ___ punch.
Lee started teaching Martial arts to westernersWas this approved by the Chinese Community?
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They gave him an ultimatum. Win the fight against(fighter) or stop teaching non-Chinese
Lee won, but decided that it took too long,So he invented _____ fighting style 'The Way of the Intercepting Fist'
Lee's father, Lee Hoi-chuen, was a Chinese(style of theatre) So it was a natural progression into acting
Lee's first major role was in the TV Series _____as Kato
Lee landed a supporting role in the 1969 filmas Winslow Wong
Frustrated with minor roles, Lee returned to Hong KongWhen he found out the Green Hornet was renamed The _____
Due to the shows popularity, he was offered a supporting role in _____After one scene, he was re-cast as the lead role
Other films followed. Next wasWhich has been remade by Jacki Chan and Jet Li
and thenWhere he kicks six colours of s**t out of Chuck Norris
He was able to direct, coreagraph and be awesome inThe First US/Hong Kong co-producton
Whilst filming his last film _____, he tragicly diedThis has become know as the Curse of The Dragon
Lee inspired, taught, and lead many actors including(Return of the Dragon, Missing In Action)
Hong Kong Legendwho was a stunt man in many of Lee's films
Basketball StarWho's fight in Game of Death is one of the greatest

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