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Can you answer the questions on the Simpsons episode 'Simpson Tide'?

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At the start of the episode, Homer has a dream. What does he do to his defense attorney in it?
Homer thinks that nuclear radiation will make a donut bigger, testified by an employee who did it with what part of his body?
What his Homer's excuse for causing the accident, which he later repeats in several world languages?
When Apu, Moe and Barney want to join the Navy Reserve with him, Homer says that it will be like what Vietnam film?
What TV detective does Homer do an impression of to impress his Drill Sergeant?
What fashion accessory has Milhouse bought, which Bart wants to copy?
He goes to the mall to buy it, and when he comes out, which business has bought every outlet in the mall?
Skinner says that Milhouse must be of what ethnicity to have this accessory in school?
Grampa recalls beating up which future President for alleged Nazi sympathies?
Homer says that he won't get hurt because it is only a game. In his mind, what game does hurt him?
Which possibly gay character dances as the Village People sing the submarine off?
In a reference to a popular double act, what is Homer's captain called?
What vegetable does Homer want at the dinner table, accidentally impressing his captain?
Homer asks Moe what is 'in'. Which Friends actor does he mention?
As Homer tries to command the submarine back to Springfield, which Star Trek character is on board?
Which Soviet rises from the dead as the Evil Empire returns?
Which twin is excluded from the school nuclear shelter?
Moe thinks of his beloved, which is what animal?
Apu's beloved vends, or rather doesn't, what product?
One of the commanders at Homer's court martial impersonates which politician?

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