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Can you name these fact-diddly-facts about Ned Flanders?

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Who is Flanders' exploitative neighbour?
Who is his elder son?
Who is his younger son?
Who was his deceased wife?
What colour is his usual jumper?
What colour is his usual shirt?
What is the name of his store?
What Christian minister has he sucked the fun of life from?
What job did Flanders get fired from for breaching the First Amendment?
Who is his Latino relative?
And his British relative?
In Treehouse of Horror IV, which unlikely creature is Flanders?
And in Treehouse of Horror X, what does he become?
In Treehouse of Horror III, Homer shot Flanders even though he didn't know that he was what kind of demon?
The only video game that Flanders lets his sons play features which Christian evangelist?
Which religion does Flanders refer to as 'Super Friends'?
Which religion does Flanders dread that his sons will convert to in Hollywood?
Which religion, when a neighbour converts, causes Flanders to say 'My Satan Sense is tingling'?
What does Flanders do when told by Homer that he might be perceived as gay, which results in him getting advertising casting?
Who has Flanders never met but is sure that he is a jerk?
What everyday action does Flanders abstain from to avoid gambling?
What subculture were Flanders' parents?
What Biblical story does Flanders choreograph for the Super Bowl half-time show?
What does Ned give to his sons in case he tries to get back into the air raid shelter?
Ned perceives himself as a liberal parent because he lets his sons have which candy with a devil on them?
What show did Flanders watch on Fox which he thinks cursed his family to get the flu?

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