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QUIZ: Can you answer these clues on British history, all of which begin with 'B'?

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Prime Minister who won three general elections as leader of 'New Labour'
Somerset city, founded as 'Aquae Sulis', now a World Heritage Site
Robert the Bruce's famous 1314 victory over Edward II of England
Navarrese consort of Richard the Lionheart
Engineer whose designs include the Clifton Suspension Bridge
The Battle of Waterloo was held in 1815, in what later became this country
First woman to be Speaker of the House of Commons
1885 Conference which divieded Africa between European countries
Town which has been exchanged between England and Scotland over a dozen times, and was technically at war with Russia from 1853 to 1966
Stephen, of this French city, ruled England from 1135 to 1154

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