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Can you answer these clues on British history, all of which begin with 'A'?

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Patron Saint of Scotland since the 10th century
Only English King to be titled 'the Great'
Beloved husband of Queen Victoria
Country which the UK fought after an invasion in 1982
Famous victory by Henry V during the Hundred Years War (1415)
Heroic post-Roman King, of debated existence
Monarch in 1707 at the Act of Union between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England
Liberal Prime Minister, 1908-1916
Former British penal colony and current Commonwealth realm
City of northern Scotland, chartered since 1179
First-ever British Christian Martyr. His Hertfordshire hometown now bears his name
Labour Prime Minister remembered for legacy of NHS
London football club founded at a munitions factory in 1886
Northern Irish settlement which lost its city status in 1840 and regained it in 1994
The Beatles' film debut, 1964

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