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Forced Order
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a4 b3 a4 b3
Rhyming words with single syllables and a stressed ending
incantation meant to further or thwart an action
/ u /
u u
/ u u /
sing-songy poems written to be sold at the side of the street
funeral song
/ /
one word is repeated at the beginning of many lines
a rhythmic pause in the middle of a poetic line
poem in the form of a letter
a poem of praise, originally for Olympics
a poem celebrating marriage
a poem created by a group of people
a4 b3 c4 b3
a song or poem of the night
poem sung in a chorus at a funeral
/ u u
dawn poem
u / u
trimeter quatrain with one tetrameter line (very Emily Dickinson)
a poem of thanksgiving in praise of battles
when a sentence continues on another line of poetry
a poem with the same amount of syllables per line
u u /
/ u
tetrameter quatrain rhyming abba
a funeral oration
a poem of praise or blame
a poem with the same about of stresses per line, but varied number of syllables
omitting a sound in a word to make it fit the poetic meter (ex. ne'er)
a song of mourning or lament
u /
a poem of praise for funerals
long narrative poem with elevated style and a heroic story
dramatic poem with plots and characters (began as pastoral poems)
poem sung in a single voice at a funeral
a pastoral poem with idealistic happy theme
Rhyming words with multiple syllables and an unstressed ending
a poem with the same amount of syllables and stresses per line
short poem of praise or blame

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