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QUIZ: Can you name the Gundamn@MAHQ Tropes?

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Description of trope/segmentTrope/segment
King Arthur
Weak-willed individuals to whom one of the hosts gravitates
The drunken newscaster of Macross 2 fame
Neo's newscaster epithet
A showcase of good anime
A showcase of bad anime
The ultimate troll slaughtering machine
Pedobear north (first name)
Pedobear south (first name)
Chris's elusive MAHQ co-founder (first name)
A rundown of every gundam show
The force-wielding, evil pedophile of Star Wars fame
A bag of mail
SoulBro's Z Gundam infatutation
Neo's favorite besmirched mecha
Description of trope/segmentTrope/segment
Peter's fanboy show that none of the hosts ever watched
The only review on MAHQ with a zero star rating
Low-rent Char
Spoiler alert!
Spolier alert! (part 2)
Neo's voice actor man-crush
Best name for a superweapon ever
The bald wizard himself
God's son as an MS pilot
General Hate from the Hatergon (first name)
Soulbro's mild-mannered public persona
Neo's ever so eloquent former roomate
Neo's moniker for Captain Picard
SoulBro's 4chan name

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