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'From the day we arrived on the planet, and blinking step into the sun'
'You can never tell when he'll show up, he gives you plenty of trouble...'
Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within
Take my hand, theres a world i need to knowwwww!
Should i choose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum..?
It dont take a word not a single word, go on and...
So its time to take some action boys, its time to follow me!
Heart dont fail me now, courage dont desert me, dont turn back, now that we're here
and this perfect package packed a pair of pretty pecs
But you'll see everyday, that we'll never turn away when it seems all your dreams come undone
She glanced this way, i thought i saw; and when we touched she didnt shudder at my paw
One minute I'm in central park, then I'm down on Delancey Street
I'm king of the highway, Prince of the boulevard, Duke of the Avant-garde, the world is my backyard
I have often dreamed of a far off place, where a great warm welcome will be waiting for me
We have a method for spies and intruders rather like hornets protecting their hive

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