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EASY! What does TARDIS stand for?
Who runs the school for the betterment of young ladies in Vampires of Venice?
What is Matt smiths first line as the doctor?
What does the 11th Doctor thrust into the face of the daleks?
At the end of 'Blink' what is the name of the video shop?
What is the name of the little girl who is found crying in 'The Beast Below'?
What is the first episode where we meet river song?
What does CAL stand for?
Who is Donna Nobles Grandad?
Which Dalek drags Davros out of the time war?
What is the name of the Cyber-king in 'the next doctor'?
In the planet of the dead, Lady Christina de Souza steals a golden chalice once belonging to who?
In the Fires of Pompeii, when they arrive in Pompeii, where does Donna think they actually are?
What is the name of the illness affecting the Ood in the episode 'planet of the ood'?
In 'the End of time part 2' what is the name of the man who the Doctor tries to set up with Captain Jack?
In which year was the Doctor's copy of 'Death in the Clouds' printed?
What is the name of the dilapidated house in 'Blink'?

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