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What if there no help coming. Not ever. What if there's just the motorway?
“The angels have the phonebox”. That's my favorite. I've got that on a t-shirt.
That's me—three Ls and an H.
That sign over there's in English. Are you having me on? Are we in Epcot?
I'm stuck. On Earth, like... Like an ordinary person. Like a human. How rubbish is that? Sorry, no offense but come on!
Ladies and Gentlemen and variations thereupon, welcome onboard the Crusader 50.
I'm gonna get killed by a Christmas tree!
And, coming in a very low four. Or D. Or that little iv in brackets they use in footnotes.
I'm The Doctor! Simply The Doctor! The one, the only and the best. Rosita, get me the sonic screwdriver.
Whatever happens tonight, remember: you brought it on yourself
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They were so proud of me. The Face of Boe, they called me.
You can talk, Captain Cheesecake. {they hug.}
Carrots. Are you insane? Hang on, I know what I need. Fish fingers. And custard.
If Hitler invaded Hell I would give a favorable reference to the Devil.
If I always told you the truth I wouldn't need you to trust me.
Not got any celery do you? No. No, not really the climate
A box. A cage. A prison. It was built to contain the most feared thing in the whole Universe.
The Doctor. Doctor. Fun.
Excellent. The Doctor. Yet another man come to assert himself in the middle of the night.
No, Doctor! Avoiding death. That's being human. It’s our strongest impulse. To cling to life with every fiber of our being.

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