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Can you name the Celebrities from their tattoos

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Che Guevara on his upper right arm
Butterfly on her lower back
Elvish design meaning 'The Nine'
Asian tiger on her back
The initials DB on her wrist
Lyrics from the Beatles hit, 'All You Need is Love'
Scotland Forever on his arm
A phoenix on her back and the word angel on her stomach
Head of a Native American on his chest
Blade in honour of his favourite football team Sheffield Utd
Originally Winona Forever, it now read Wino Forever
Small Indian symbol on her left hand that signifies 'Equality'
Flower on her right buttock
Lizard on his ankle
Tattoos that depict Che Guevara, Arthur Ashe and Chairman Mao
Several tattoos, including a large crucifix on his back
Small heart on her stomach
Eagles talons on the most intimate part of his anatomy
Chinese symbol on his right shoulder

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