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SentenceBody Part
This chocolatey eclair is unbelievably wonderful.
The archway is the most interesting part of the house.
He is king of the dinosaur empire.
The book's detail was too thorough for me.
He electrified the toaster, so I cannot eat breakfast.
I saw no seagulls take your picnic lunch.
The ship has sailed.
She loves pine trees so much, she has one as a pet.
I had this dark need for Cheesy Puffs.
Can you hear the mosquito sing?
I fell off that dumb ladder twice!
Why is there a candelabra in my soup?
A crowbar may be the best birthday present I've ever received.
As far as foxes go, the fennec kind takes the cake.
Tortoises live ridiculously long.
SentenceBody Part
Our phytoplankton guest would only eat sunlight.
The cockatiel bowed in mock admiration.
Penguins are found in safe, murky waters.
I live in Siberia.
Would you like vanilla or tapioca pudding?
Do not take the emu's clementine!!
Don't let papa tell anyone about the narwhal ghost!
I made crayon art on silk fabric.
He finished his domain test in Estonia.
I've never met a car paleontologist before.
When his marzipan creased in the middle, he refused to eat it.
I rank leopards seventh on my list of awesome animals.
The stars all glitter like newly minted pennies.
This new movie will propel visor sales through the roof.
He likes to append ixodids to tables.

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