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Can you name the movie in which the following directors and actors worked together for the only time in their career?

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Forced Order
Also try: Groundhog Day
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Director - ActorMovie
Alfred Hitchcock - Anthony Perkins
Ingmar Bergman - Ingrid Bergman
Fritz Lang - Peter Lorre
Fred Zinnemann - Paul Scofield
Ernst Lubitsch - Greta Garbo
Stanley Kramer - Katharine Hepburn
George Cukor - James Stewart
Billy Wilder - James Cagney
Frank Capra - Cary Grant
Federico Fellini - Anthony Quinn
John Huston - Clark Gable
Orson Welles - Edward G. Robinson
David Lean - Peter O'Toole
William Wyler - Myrna Loy
Sergio Leone - Robert De Niro
Victor Fleming - Leslie Howard
Blake Edwards - Audrey Hepburn
Otto Preminger - Clifton Webb
Stanley Kubrick - Laurence Olivier
Michael Curtiz - Ingrid Bergman
George Stevens - Rock Hudson
Billy Wilder - Barbara Stanwyck
Ernst Lubitsch - James Stewart
David Lynch - Anthony Hopkins
John Huston - Katharine Hepburn
Director - ActorMovie
Stanley Kramer - Tony Curtis
Alfred Hitchcock - Laurence Olivier
Orson Welles - Charlton Heston
Billy Wilder - Tony Curtis
Elia Kazan - James Dean
Frank Capra - Clark Gable
Fred Zinnemann - Gary Cooper
Howard Hawks - Katharine Hepburn
Fritz Lang - Spencer Tracy
Billy Wilder - Charles Laughton
Joseph L. Mankiewicz - Bette Davis
David Lean - William Holden
Alfred Hitchcock - Doris Day
Sam Mendes - Paul Newman
John Huston - Sterling Hayden
Stanley Kramer - Marlene Dietrich
Otto Preminger - James Stewart
Sidney Lumet - Ingrid Bergman
Billy Wilder - Humphrey Bogart
Jules Dassin - Peter Ustinov
Ernst Lubitsch - Carole Lombard
John Huston - Sean Connery
Elia Kazan - Vivien Leigh
Charles Laughton - Robert Mitchum
William Wyler - Montgomery Clift

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